Why do we move?

1 Mar

Motivation is the exercise of the will. We do what we want to do.

A lot of things battle for our will and those things can actually neutralize our motivation.

Want to do right is great, but not having the will to do it defeats the purpose of want, and benefits no one.

The discipline of the mind is essential and must start as a child.

Undisciplined parents have ruined many a child and it seems today that population as increased, even among the great amount of college students.

The miracle of Gods grace is to reach down and save ole sinners!

A saved person has the power within himself (Holy Spirit) to get the discipline power he or she needs. Being a disciple is being a discipline one in the things of God.

Americans have been controlled by the after effects of their medication, and their addiction to television and other forms of technology that puts them in a passive state.

Our country is digressing to the point of animalistic behavior rather than civil.

Nakedness is glorified instead of modesty. There is becoming a unisex revolution and euthanasia has begun with the unborn person and will ultimately conclude with the elderly and sick.

The need for a god to keep us and give us what we need has turned into men and the statist have arisen to the occasion.

All because our want to has been governed by things and others, not ourselves. We are fat and lazy and controlled.

We have lost our self government; therefore we have lost our constitution and bill of rights.

Only God can fix us and our country! Revival of His Holy Spirit is desperately needed.

Pray, pass out gospel literature, help folks to think for them self.

Consider sites like, Let my people think and others that have been brain muddied by the Marxist evolutionist.

Do what you can do! Stop being lazy, apathetical, and cowardice.

Romans 15:13 Get Joy back


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