Juvenile: poor and middle-class

1 Mar

Spent the whole day in court observing delinquent cases.

The skill those juveniles process is phenomenal ! They know how to play the role of whatever their attorney suggest as the main problem. Home environment or peers, but never their willful consent. 

No personal responsibility for anything! Thank God for great judges and discernment.

She made the defense support his claims and everything was circumstantial and assumption.

She had the testing results, psych. Reports, and signed affidavits from the schools. 

The objective was to get money and get boy off , not what would help him.

Repeat offenders all have apathetic attitudes and victim mentality. 

The hope lies in mentors and string parent or parents, willing to be adults and role models.

These kids are smart and have energy; that energy needs to be directed to a successful future.

Their old story must be made into a new one by leading them through their strengths.

The help of Christians is necessary because we know about an aggressive helper, He is God the Holy Spirit. They will see the light in us and ask questions!


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