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29 Nov

All this liberty to sin and claim Grace for it,
is unbelievable in so-called Christianity.
I have never seen it on this wise in my life.
Claiming salvation while living like hell with no regrets, but rather a boasting of Gods love and his grace.
When you were saved the Holy Spirit moved in, He can be grieved and quenched. You cannot tell me your in fellowship sweet when you are in sin.
You can be backslidden and deaf to the voice of that Spirit, but not free from the results of a loving Father. I am very suspect
of those that flaunt their fleshly liberty.
Their salvation is in the head not heart.


Our Author

28 Nov

How can we compromise our message to the world, when we know the truth?
If we are saved, Jesus done it!
If we are saved, we know there is only one gospel for this age!
If we are saved, we know he is the only
mediator between God and man, he is the only way.
If we are saved, all religion without the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, is wrong and will damn all who do not repent and believe!
If we are saved?


28 Nov

Our freedom of will can be proven by the evidence. The manifestation of our actions toward the thing or things we hold dear can be clearly seen. Our disappointment in this life is the willful giving of our affection to things that cannot satisfy. God commands us to set our affections on things out of this world. We prefer to disobey and wallow in the mud of disappointment and despair. How foolish we Christians can be. We are spoiled brats 60% of the time here in America. The evidence is plain to see in our culture. We need true repentance and a new love for our true home land!


27 Nov

What is weakness to you? For a man it’s a shame, a Girly thing, something your father
tries to remove from his sons. It’s connected
with pride in both sexes. We know that pride is a no, no for a child of God. The Devil is the father of pride. What a misconception we have about this weakness! What a misinterpretation of meekness we have.
Meekness is controlled strength and weakness is acknowledging the need of God in everything we do. We are to be prepared for this life and prepare our children. That includes the Body, mind, and spirit. But in executing any action we give God the glory. Without him we have no strength, breath, or spirit. When we lose our health, or capability to do things as before we are not moved, because it is all about Him and his strength and his will that matters. We have learned to “Let go, and Let God” When we die to self, The Lord can do his job!

This is caught up, not cop out

25 Nov

The writings of a lot of authors with Reform
Backgrounds, have attacked those that believe in the Rapture of the Body of Christ as those that have given up on Patriotism and defense of our country! On the contrary I believe the imminent return of our Lord makes us more mindful of what needs to be done now! Their theology is different then ours for sure, but American History proves our involvement in this country even to the starting of Universities and Religious Freedom. A Baptist should be more Patriotic then anyone! The Rapture comforts, going through the Tribulation does not. This is the wrath of God, this the children of God will not face. It’s Jacobs trouble not the Church’s.


24 Nov

A more excellent gift is charity, love in action, you know John 3:16, For God so loved( that’s love) that he gave(that’s charity) Noun-love, Verb-Charity. Their spelled different too! Don’t mess with the book that’s been used for English speaking people for over 400years. It’s up to date we are not! A pure heart is needed and no hypocrisy to act right on others behalf.
You are looking at folks to see what u can do for them not what u will get out of it.
You look beyond their faults, beyond their smell and beyond their pride and help them anyway. Study 1Corinthians chapter 13 to get a grasp on love in action.

My neglect, my loss

22 Nov

How many times have we forgotten to use what God has provided for our peace and growth? How many times have we even forgotten whose family we are a part of?
How many times have we grieved the Holy Spirit who resides inside unto the day of redemption? How many times!
Let us be thankful today and purpose in our hearts to not forget but use what God has provided for us down here. His Word and His Spirit! Love u all, have a great Thanksgiving.