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A mouthful for sure

31 Oct

I had a older (99) Jewish Lawyer tell me all good Jews know and obey this verse.
I told him that was commendable and wishful thinking. If you believe Torah and that its G-D ‘ s Words and his word is perfect, how come you don’t believe it all.?
If the Jews in NY and Hollywood believed it the filth they produce for the Gentiles would not exist. They would fight all those against Israel (including the President) and help clean those places up that need repairing.
G-D gave you the Jew special abilities to make fortunes and he expects you to follow this verse while doing it! Christian, this verse can be compared to many in the Pauline Epistles and is applicable to our walk.


Just do it!

29 Oct

Well, get up and do this today!
Start a new behavior today, get up thank The Lord for all he has allowed you to do and tell someone how good he is and has been to you. Maybe an open door will occur to witness or give a tract.

We were not a people

27 Oct

A glad day it was when the gentile dogs, no longer had to proselyte into Gods approval
into the gentile outer court to worship, but are now by The Blood of Jesus Christ, able to enter into the most Holy of Holies because of mercy! Praise The Lamb and his grace.

Are you in shock?

27 Oct

Are you shocked by how you are received by others when you live out your salvation?
You try to do right, and treat folks right and don’t do wrong while correcting error. Are you reading that King James 1611 Bible?
The one that has been around 400 yrs. ( by their fruit you shall know them) have you not read all ready how you are going to be treated? You are no better then the best!
The best was, The Lord Jesus Christ!
When you got into his family you got all the goes with it! Including heaven and living eternally as a son of God. So stand tall don’t give up don’t faint! You are making a difference you are to do right and correct error wether folks like it or not. You are not here to please them, you are here to please your Heavenly Father!

Who is Jedus?

27 Oct

He is the image that you can see of God on earth. He is God manifested in the flesh!
Read Colosians 1 ; Hebrews 1; John 1
Genesis 1
It’s all about God, it’s all about Jesus Christ The Lord! The Holy Spirit convict you if you are lost and be saved. Saved, you have the Holy Ghost in you to help you manifest the will of through you to a dying Hell bound world!

If you are saved you know it

24 Oct

It’s amazing to me how many saved folks claim they don’t know something is wrong?
Every time they claim this, they call God a liar. The Holy Spirit is in saved folk and sin doesn’t take him by surprise! So folks are making excuses for their sin and staying in it willfully awaiting Gods judgment or their lost and really have no conviction at all.
If you are sinning fess up and quit excusing
your actions, cry out for help, repent get right. Victory awaits you. Grow, or graduate without honors. No conviction, not bothered by your lack of Holiness, get born again.

Here today gone tomorrow

23 Oct

How many times have we heard that and believed we have a tomorrow? How about here now and could be gone a millisecond from that! Since when have Christians gotten so brazen against a Holy God and his instructions to them? Sure we live life, pay bills and provide for love ones etc. but while we do what others do we also must do what Christians do! Evangelize, criticize error promote the good and love the nation of Israel. We all will stand before Jesus Christ at the judgment seat. It may be in a millisecond!

Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. (James 4:14 KJV)