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Ok, so your not a Christian

10 Mar

So what else is new? We have assurance of life after death, that God hears us when we talk to him and answers us in his time. Yes we have his blessings in our lives and help and yes he comforts us and yes we can’t make you see our God or hear him or experience what he does for us, but what do you actually have? A religion called evolution that requires more faith to really believe, cause you never answer the questions we ask you. Like breaking the laws of thermodynamics and what about the cell construction and DNA and the eyeball and ear and than you skip around so much to impress us with verbiage! One prophecy in the Bible beats mathematical probability ten to the hundred and twenty three power!
And many others to prove we have a book that someone had to be out side the universe to write and by the way the world system you are presently in is following it to a tee! Four thousand years before Jesus Christ was here it said he was coming Genesis, in Micah tells ya where in Isaiah tells ya he is male and his name 735 years before, in Daniel you find out when he is crucified!
That’s why your kind never talks about these prophecies because you might have to reevaluate your belief system!
Hay who cares right? After we’re dead we will find out! If I am not right, at least I had a life knowing why I was here and where I was going you have no idea because you have no absolutes everything is relative and you come from a rock. But if I am right you will die in your sins because Jesus Christ did not take them and you will burn in a devils hell never to get out! You say that’s not love, your wrong you refused love when you refused his! John 3:16