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starting out

30 Jan

I am entering an unknown territory of the techno world. This is very difficult for me, since I am a fifty baby and leave it to beaver has left the building! I do love to learn and read after I cleared my head of the sixties, well almost haha. To help folks hurting and as I was , through this maze of uncertainty give some stability. Feelings control most people in our society and laws are being based on those feelings without real solid facts. Thesis and Anti thesis unheard of. Students being taught a one sided course in life with no oppossing view points. History being shredded , all old books removed from libraries. What dictators forced on its people America blindly accepts. Personel liberties dissappearing and the supreme being being the State how sad!

30 Jan

Why settle for hamburger when you can have Filet?

The Christian life is the relationship between The Father and his children !  So why are you refusing to get to know him?

Old dogs new tricks

30 Jan

Another day another thought on trying to teach this old dog new tricks in the business world. After freezing my seniority at ten years. The pastorate
being my new vocation full time has hit a snag in economics. Michigan you know, stimulus hasn’t reached me yet!
God is able to supply my needs and has proven that to me over these years
and ten children later. No accident here! I am learning and witnessing to the public like never before. The heart ache that’s out here is tremendous.
Mistrust of Government, confusion and depression. I have the Truth that they need. I thank God he is allowing me the ability to be used and continue my education.

Hello world!

30 Jan

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